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Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA


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Abstracts from the Port Tobacco Times and Charles County Advertiser Volume

Three 1870 – 1875. Compiled by Roberta J. Wearmouth

Heritage Books, Inc. copywrite 1993
also available Volume 1 – 1844 – 1854 / Volume 2 – 1855 – 1869

Heritage Books Inc.
1540-E Pointer Ridge Place
Bowie, MD 20716
ISBN 1-55613-878-4

page 228
DOWS, E 114, Edith Katie 88, Eleanor 88, Mr 201, William 71 88 169
DOWSE, Mr 53

June 16, 1871, Vol. XXVIII, No. 7
Hon. Barnes Compton sells “Rosemary Lawn” to Mr. Dowse, also part of furniture, stock, agricultural implements, etc. $11,250 cash.

October 20, 1871, Vol. XXVIII, No. 24
William Dows warns trespassers on “Rosemary Lawn.”

June 7, 1872, Vol. XXVIX, No. 6
Edith Kate Dows died, youngest daughter of William and Eleanor Dows, 9 months old at “Rosemary Lawn” on May 25th.

January 3, 1873, Vol. XXXVIX, No. 36 E. Dows has purchased the farm owned by heirs of the late Thomas A. Burgess –
350 acres on Potomac River, in Nanjemoy district – $2000
pg 114

October 23, 1874, Vol. XXXI, No. 26
F.P. Hamilton, William Dows and William B. Fergusson warn trespassers on
“Oakland”, “Rosemary Lawn,” and “Cedar Hill.”

July 23, 1875, Vol. XXXII, No. 12
Mr. Dows, “Rosemary Lawn” will offer 25 Lincolnshire long wool ram lambs for
sale at Home Market in Port Tobacco.
pg 114 (this is Elymet Dows, a cousin of William Dows from England, I have a letter from
Uncle Otis Watson to Roderick Dows Watson Sr in 1925 which mentions Elymet in regards
to using his property in Riverside for Duck hunting” RD was living in PA and Uncle Otis at
Rosemary Lawn, Welcome, MD. The same year Grandmother Dows died.

July 23, 1875, Vol. XXXII, No. 12
Mr. Dows, “Rosemary Lawn” will offer 25 Lincolnshire
long wool ram lambs for sale at Home Market in Port Tobacco.

July 21, 1882
Mrs. Ellen Nalley vs. Elymet Dows – mistrial May
court entered “off” plaintiff’s attorney

Aug 4, 1882
Charles Steven Dows died July 24 at “Rosemary Lawn” home of parents William and Eleanor Dows.
8 years. “….Never more will we feel the warm, tender and trusting clasp of our darling’s hand,
never again receive his fond caresses and hear his cheery laugh in our family circle.

Sept 12, 1884
William Dows has stray 2 sows, 6 goats – F.A.
Hanson, Justice of the Peace.

May 1, 1885
Elymet Dows, Nanjemoy sells pair of mules, 5 years old “Good workers and a fine good match”

April 23, 1886
Eleanor Scott died April 19 at her home near Port
Tobacco. She was the wife of Robert Scott and the eldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dows. She left two children and was 23 years of age.

Oct 22, 1886
William Dows, Port Tobacco, had heifer and steer strayed or stolen.

May 20, 1887
William Dows excused from jury – not citizen: James
L. Hicks appointed in his place.

Sept 4, 1891
Friends of Frank W. Dows, now traveling salesman for
U.S. Brass Co. of Phila., visiting family of William
Dows “Rosemary Lawn”.

Oct 21, 1892
Miss Lizzie Bond, niece of William Dows arrived from
England to spend time with her relatives at “The
Lawn”. (Jane Wheeler told me a story of one of the Dows grandchildren going to San Fransisco
and trying to look up the Bonds who lived there. Apparently related to this girl. They would not see him
which seemed to make Jane mad. I think it was one of the Cockerilles.

Dec 2, 1892
State vs. Ben Ford, indicted for stealing chickens from William Dows, tried, held under consideration.

Aug 4, 1893
Miss S. Day of England visiting family William Dows
of “Rosemary Lawn”. Has two brothers in this

Sept 15, 1893
Frank Dows, Cleveland, Ohio, visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs.. William Dows at “Rosemary Lawn”. Visited World’s Fair at Chicago.

Jan 4, 1895
Frank W. Dows visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dows at
“Rosemary Lawn”.

Jan 29, 1892
Henry Anders Dows, son of William Dows of Charles
County married Cecilia Kate Martin in Omaha, Nebraska on January 1… groom is a substantial citizen of the place…

August 19, 1892
William Dows’ home “The Lawn” scene of croquet party.

Jan 25, 1895
Mary Dows visiting Kate Fowler, Washington

Alice and Ada Dows been visiting friends in Washington and Washington County

Feb 8, 1895
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cocking gave an oyster supper and ball at residence in Hill Top. Ada Dows and William Dows attended.

June 28, 1895
Rosa Payne Dows, Hill Top, graduated from High School in Washington. (interesting… went to HS in Washington)

Oct 9, 1896 Vol. LIII, No 19
Alice Dows, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. William Dows,
Hill Top, was married in Washington on Thursday to a gentleman named Watson. page 146

Jan 1, 1897
Mary Young, Brownsville, Washington Co, visiting the
Misses Dows at “Rosemary Lawn” page158

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Dows, Mr. and Mrs. R.D Watson
and Misses Ada and Rosa Dows spend holiday with
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Dows at Rosemary Lawn.

July 2, 1897
Ada and Rosa Dows, spending vacation with parents
Mr. and Mrs. William Dows “Rosemary Lawn” near hill

Aug 13, 1897
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dows, Philadelphia, visiting parents of former, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dows, Hill Top.

Aug 20, 1897
Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Watson and Mr. and Mrs. Bridgeman
guests of family of William Dows at “Rosemary Lawn”.

Mrs. William Dows expects to leave for England shortly to visit relatives and to be present at the Coronation ceremony.


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