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Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Letter from Anna Mariah Watson Wheeler (1847)

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Old Family letter, now in the possession of Miss Blake watson, 123 Walnut, Fairmont


To Miss Delia M. Watson, 

White Day P.O.

Monongalia Co. Va.


A.M. Wheeler


Potomac View, VA


Jan 15, 1847

My Dear Cousin

The time for retiring to rest has arrived, but here I allow myself to be wrapped in that delightful slumber, which the Almight has so mercifully ordained to fit us for the duties of the day, let me devote a few moments for the purpose of answering your letter which I received a week or ten days ago.. I had been expecting for some time to hear from you, and was thinking of writing you a scold for non complaince, but was prevented from doing so by the reception of your letter. any communication from the west which is relative to you all, is received with pleasure, and believe me when I say I cannnot hear too often, though I should delay answering your letters immediately on the reception.

Your rememberance of our kindness toward you cannot be enacted by us, your stay was so short, but I believe we should all have been equally pleased for you to have spent the winter or indeed the year with us, if you could have been prevailed upon to have done so. 

I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed your journey back home, and that your health has been benefitted by your visit to Maryland. 

Let me again invite you to spend some time with us in King Georges Co. Va. Perhaps it may be entirely established. Our home you see is still on the broad waters of the potomac and you might again enjoy the pleasures of gazing on its (restful) bosom. Although I have been reared upon it, its beauties do not pass unobserved be me. I love to contemplate it at even, when the pale rays of the moon are softly shed upon its waters; this, my Cousin, is the time when all is hushed adn still, and naught is here to break the calmness of the moment, that can raise our thoughts in pure adoration to him who in his wondrous goodness has fashioned all things for our benefit; and as you have truly said we should never behold the works of nature without thinking of the goodness and greatness of our Creator. 

You say that you feel that you are writing to one better versed in religion than yourself, but I assure you that my knowledge of Christianity is very imperfect, my professions are therefore the same. but I do not think that we can ponder too much no the importance of religious duties, and I think what knowledge we acquire may be greatly enlarged by having some corresponding friend to whom our ideas may be revealed.

I have been musing for some time, and perhaps your patience may be wearied. I will therefore hasten to concluded.

I must inform you that our health is tolerably good and that the family desire to be remembered to you, also my two elder brothers and Cousin E. Addams family were well when I heard from them last; present my love to your father and tell him that his resemblance to my departed parent is so striking that it has made a deep impression, and I frequently think of him with a great desire to see him again.

Hoping to hear from you again, I subscribe myself your affectionate cousin,

A.M. Wheeler


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