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Nov 1825 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

Monogalia Co. Near Morgantown Va.

From Warren D. Watson

Chas. Co. 

Port Toboacco, Md. 

Nov 17, 1825

Dear Cousin

I again resume my pen to inform you of my employment since xxxxxxxxI’ve been living with Mr. J.G. Chapman, who gives me $100 until Christmas, when my time will be up with him. I have some thought of visiting your section with a view of getting into business of some profit. I wish you to inform me immediately if there is any prospect of my getting a situation in that section worth my attention. By so doing you will duly appreciate a favor towards your friend and devoted cousin. I wrote you last winter as well as my memory serves me, by Mr. Thos Haymond, but have received no answer from you, which causes me to think that a hearing from this section, not worth your attention. I hope you will condescend to answer this request of mine. Mr. Fairfax informs us this last summer that you were all alive then, and I hope these few lines find you all in a like situation of health and happiness throughout this life. 

I regret to inform you that crops of corn are so short with us this season we shall be under the necessity of living under short allowance, I am xxxx Crops of wheat are not more than half what we had expected, and much injured by weather, so as to command not more than 50¢ per bu. Tobacco is the only xxxxity worth our attention at this time and the price of that declining. You may grasp that money is scare with us. We have been very sickly in this section this fall, and many deaths, My Father’s family has all been very sick but all restored to health except some of his Negroes, who I hope it will please Almight God to raise again. I am not certain I will visit you the season, if I do it will be after Christmas. Tell Cousin Mary I hope she is married… not I think it … time of she ever intends it… You advised me… is … sir, … not side with you there…

For my own part I think it not to be in too great a hurry. Though I am now engaged, but wish to get off it if I can on honorable terms, which I hope to do and not injure my reputation in that point of business. As so much nonsence might be disagreeable to an old bachelor, I shall conclude by adding my respects to your (?) Uncle James and family, not forgetting Thommy, Henry and Families. You will on reception of this, to write me without delay. 

I remain your devoted friend and relation.

Warren D. Watson


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August 1824 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

White Day, Monogalia Co. Va.

From Warren D. Watson

Cornwalis Neck, Chas. C. Md. 

August 5, 1824

Favour by Mr. Fowks


I avail myself of this opportunity to inform you of our health and the family’s. At present we are all in good health except some of the negroes. Crops of corn are very prosperous in the quarter, Wheat crops are not very good not so good as they were last year. The price of corn here is from 30 to 35 cents per bu. Wheat from 90 cents to $1.00 Do. Tobacco depends upon the quality as to the price, whcih is from $1.50 to $30.00 per hundred pounds.

The question of the election of president, sheriff, Congressmen, Senators, and Delagates ot the Legislature, is much agitated the people of this State and County. We hold (?) our elector for Adams, xxxxx Browner for Jackson, Nicholas Stone s–, John Crawford, and Dr. Briscoe of St. Mary’s. But I should vote for Jackson. Our candidate for Sherif is Joseph Cook, Edward Pye, Hugh Cose(?); for Congress Clement Dorsey, and Ralpiel Neal; for the Assembly, the Old Four and no more.

I shall expect you this fall or winter as you promised me in your last letter you would visit us this winter or last. As you failed last I hope you will not this. You will please give my respects to all enquiring friends. Tell Cousin Mary she had better cometo Charles County with you this fall, and perhaps she might get a good old man for a companion, which I am sure she will not get in that old world. I hope you will not forget to write me by Mr. Fowkes as you neglected to answer my last letter. The girls are all very pretty and very good. I have not doubt they all send their respects to all enquiring friends.

I am your Obt. Servt. and benevolent friend,

Warren D.Watson

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June 1823 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

White Day, Monogalia Co. Va.


From Warren D. Watson

Port Tobacco, Chas. C. Md. 

June 2, 1823

Dear Cousin,

I expected before this to have had the superlative pleasure to have seen you, but do imagine that pleasure and business do so alternately occupy out time so closely, that you could not spare a leisure hour, to write to your friends and relatives here, much less to come and devote a few weeks or months amoungst your friends and relatives here. It is with reluctance that I have to inform you what I am doing at present… I am knocking the clods about in the corn field, and sometimes take up an old prayer book, history or novel and read a chapter or two, is the principle part of my employment. The scarcity of money makes business of all kinds dull at present, but I am in hopes there will be a change in the times before the expiration of the present year, as there is a probability of wheat bringing a good price though at present the crops are thin owing to the dry weather, and fly.

Corn is worth from four to five dollars per barrel: Tobacco depends upon the sample, the difference is from four to fifty dollars per hundred. The people in this quarter are going down hill as to their money matters. Negroes and property of all kinds are very low at present. There was not less than from 800 to 1000 negroes taken out of this county in the last twelve month. I was down in the neighborhood of Newport at Whitesuntide. The people were well and as merry as I ever saw them. The ladies are more numerous than ever they have been since I have been acquainted with that part of the county, and much handsomer than they ever were, indeed so much so that I almost fell anamored to some of them myself.

You had better come in this fall, if you ever think of getting a wife, I am sure you may select one out of so many, for I do not believe they are very hard to please. Tell Cousin Mary that she had better come to Charles County, and may never or expecting those old fashioned people, she will get so old that she may never expect to get married.

Poppy received a letter from Uncle James Watson, which informed us that they were all well, and Cousin Henry and Thomas families also, but said nothing about you, whether you weredead or what had become of you. I would be glad to know. Give my compliments to Uncle James and family, and to Cousins Henry and Thomas. Pappy and family present their love to you all. I hope you will excuse bad writing and dicating as I am a bad hand. If you will be so kind as to write me what you are doing, I shall be glad. 

P.S. Roderick is going to school. He wishes to be remembered to you all.

Yours with Friendship. Warren D Watson

There is many mistakes. I hope you will look over them.

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Sept 1823 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

White Day, Monogalia Co. Va.


From Warren D. Watson

Port Tobacco, Chas. C. Md. 

Sept 28, 1823


Dear James, 

Your favor or the 29th of July, came safely to hand on the 2nd of August. It gave me singular pleasure to hear from your, as I had not heard from you for some time. You recommended me to a news paper, which is very good, though they are troublesome to get as we are some distance from the metropolis of our County; you also advised me to our old code of Maryland laws, which I have, though I have never investigated them very diligently. You also advised me to attend our County Courts, which I have given very little attention to as yet. You also stated you wished to know who the people were partial to for President. The majority of the people appear to be partial to Adams. As to my own part I have nothing to say, as my age will not allow me a say. You also expressed a wish to know my favorite candidate to the Legislature. All (?) I assure you would so badly represent that I don’t know what men of the six that represent us to give the preference. They are as follows. Wm Millar… R. Garnir… J. Wems… J. Edelin, W. Dunnington and old Capt Rodgerson. 

You wish to know what female acquaintances I have laid up for you… As my choice might not be yours, I would recommend you to come in yourself, as I am convinced you would make a better choice for yourself than I could make for you, consequently you had better come and make your own choice as they are very handsome.

Crops of corn and tobacco are very fine wiht us, better than they have been for six years. Wheat is worth form $1.00 to $1.25. Corn is worth from $1.00 to $2.00 per barrel. You stated that your employment was similar to that of mine. While the females occupy a part fo your time, you stated you have no time to loose, as to getting a wife. It is an easy matter to get a woman, but a difficult one to get a good wife.

The people in this quarter have been very unhealthy this summer and fall. and a great many death, I am sorry to inform you of the death of Mrs. H. Wheeler, Mrs. Pye and M… Thom. We have all been sick this summer except myself. Pappy and the youngest child have been sick a long time. They both appear to be in a lingering way.

You expressed a wish to hear from Mr. Berry and family. Alfred (?) is going by water at present. He owns half of a small schooner. The old gentleman and family are still living at the same place.

Roderick is going to school at present. He boards at Mrs. Haislips. I was at Mr. Latimore Reaves(?) and Fannie (of Sammie) Loves. They were all well except Miss Martha Love, who was very sick. Sammy Love has got another wife and I think Miss Catherine is the handsomest woman in the county.

Perhaps I only think so, as I feel prepossed in favor of her. Adaline Watson is nearly grown and a remarkable handsome girl, beginning to think about a husband I expect. I have nothing more to add, except my respects to you and your father’s family, not forgetting Cousins Thomas and Henry and families, and tell Cousin Henry I think he and his lady have been very industrious.

Your most devoted and most affectionate relative,


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1808 Letter Zeph Watson to James G Watson

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Mr. James G. Watson

Maryland, Charles Co, V Post


xxxx County Vicinity of

Washington, 27th January 1804


Dr Br

I wrote to you last fall probably in October but have not rec. an answ from you, although I xxxx the xxxx. The one I wrote you was in answer to your’s of the 5th of July last, and was handed to me by sister Mattingly, who was at my house in October, which xxxx might probably have miscarried, as I do not think our xxxx Master in Washington over attentive to business. There was since that time been a stir in our Country concering the Fort of New Orleans, and men rais’d and held in readiness to March, and take it by storm. Provided the Spanards did not give it up. However the storm has blown over, and we have once and plenty in our land, with thte right of sail and freer Navigation at the Mouth of the Mississippi — Tis now that I could invite you as a friend and brother to come and cast your lot amoung us and enjoy a soil, the sight of which would gladden the heart, together with a wholesome air to breath, and a free outlet for all you can raise to spare. Already do the Kentuckyans begin to feel the benefit of the Mouth of the River being free, for our markets are considerably livelier then since I have been an inhabitant of this Country. How permanent it my prove only time will discover. I feel myself xxxx to xxx for better times then we have had, as I am pretty well sour’d, and xxx weak-handed and strong xxxxx, for I ahv enot less than three score and ten mouths to supply with food, and ten of them to apparel, while five only xxxx thier hands to the minestration.

Freight has been taken at Limestone for Natches as low as 4/6 p 100 this season, xxx may, I think, xxx still 1 xxx. I suppose that you have provided yourself for the present year and do not intend moving to any foreign places but should it be otherwise, I should be glad you would come to Knetucky. I think the last time I saw you, you seemed to have the Notion of the State of Georgia, but I would wish you to discard the idea of that Country, as I think the Climate too southerly for your constitution, and from good authority I am led to believe that the soil is by no means inviting. I lately conversed with two gentlemen of respectability, who had been to Georgia to visit their relative, who tell me that is xxx soil mostly, except the river bottoms are very poor.


My family, I bless God, is in tolerable health, except myself am troubled with a soreness in my Breast, which sometimes a little alarms me – and wishing health and prosperity to you and yours, with mine and wifes best love and respects to you, to Mrs. Watson and Children all, remain your affectionate Brother

Zepha Watson




Mr. James G. Watson

White Day Creek Monongalia County Virginia v post to Morgantown


Kentucky Mason County Lee’s Creek

21 Aust 1808


Dear Brother

I have once more taken up my pen, with an intent to address you on the score of brotherly love – and to inform you that I have not read, a xxx from you since the arrival of Mr. Abrm Brookbank and family.


After long rest from xxxx labor, I feel unwilling to grasp the laboring tools and after long silence I feel backward to speak – So, in like manner, when my pen has been long lying by, I experience a kind of torpidity in my hands and stupor in my intellect, then when would xxxx I feel at a lost for matter, and therefore I know not how to begin. However since Grammarians inform us that letter rightly put together form syllables, syllables words and words properly connected…(this ends here)

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(A letter to my grandfather’s Uncle James Otis Watson from Watson cousins in Fairmont W Va)

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Fairmont W. Va., October 31, 1937

J. Otis Watson, 3839 Twenty Ninth Street, Mount Ranier,  Md.

My Dear Mr. Watson

My husband, James Otis Watson, some time ago gave me your letter of inquiry concerning  the family history and the coat of arms of the Watson family. I have delayed answering it,  until I could have typed the enclosed letter dictated by my husbands great great aunt Mary Green Watson. This letter gives the family connection, back as far as I have been able to trace it. The will of James Watson, (wife Mary Green) father of James Green Watson, is found in the Leonardtown Courthouse, Charles County, Md. The home was at Port Tobacco I believe. I have copies of letters written from there and other near places by sons of Joseph Watson, also by friends or relatives.

Fowkes and Wheelers – and from Zephaniah Watson from Kentucky. I am most eager to trace the family connections as far back as possible and am particularly interested in your statement that you have always heard that you are related to the Dents – Gen. Green, Gen. Otis and General Mitchell.

The West Virginia branch of the Watson’s have always preserved the name Dent – although none now living know from whence it came — do you? There is a tradition that Mary Green, wife of James Watson, was the daughter of Nathaniel Green. I find Nathaniel Green, General in the Revolutionary war was from New Hampshire and fought at Crown Point and Ticonderoga. I have never heard of the connection with the Otis family. The only James Otis (Watson) of which I have heard prior to my husbands, grantfather, was James Otis a Revolutionary Hero of Massachusetts. I had always supposed James Otis Watson was named for this hero, because of admiration, adn did not know of a possible relationship with the family Otis – from who were you named?

Are the Gen. Green and Gen. Otis, of whom you speak of in your letter from Maryland or Virginia, I am most eager to learn what you can tell me – Are there any other members of your family living, however far removed in relationship that might possibly give us information of that famiy coat of arms of which you speak or family history. This Media Research Bureau has nothing of value to give us. We bought a copy of the Manuscript it deals almost entirely with the New England Watsons in a very general way.

Please tell me if you can, what relationship you bear to James Watson and his sons and girls in this letter of Mary Green Watson and any family traditions you can recall. Where was your fathers’ home?


Very Sincerely 

Ella B.B. Watson


WATSON April, 1859

Items of family history as related to me (Fanny R. Watson) by my maiden aunt, Mary Green Watson.

“Your Grand Father Watson’s name was James Green. He was the son of James and Mary Watson, formerly Mary Green of St. Mary’s County, Md. Your Grandfather married Ann Swann, widow of Henry Swann, and daughter of John and Lydia Dyson. your Grand Mother had one son, John Swan and one daughter Ann Swann, when she married your Grand Father. The son moved to Missouri, and died there, leaving a family, of which we know very little. The daughter married a Mr. Maddox, and lived in Maryland.

Your Grand Father had six brothers and six sisters. His brothers names were: Eliezer, Zacharia, Azariah, Zephaniah, Henry and Joseph.

His sisters were: Elizabeth, Susan, Margaret, Sarah, Mary and Milla.

Elizabeth married Mr. Mattingly and went to Washington Co. Ky. Margaret married Mr. Reeves, and went to North Carolina. Sarah never married. Susan married Robert Cook, but I have forgotten where they lived. (North Carolina). Mary married Hezekiah Burrows, and went to Burbon Co. Ky. Milla married Abraham Brookbank, and went to Ohio.

Eleazer went to Kentucky. Zachariah went to Culpepper Co. Va. where he lived and died.

Azariah went to Kentucky.

Zephaniah went to Mason Co. Kentucky.

Henry and Joseph lived and died in Charles Co. Md.


We know nothing of any of their families except Joseph’s. He had four children. Warren, Roderick, John James and Anna Mariah. 

Warren is still somewhere on the Potomac in Va. 

Roderick lives in Charles Co. Maryland. (my ancestor)

Anna Mariah married Mr. Wheeler, and lives in Charles Co. Md.

John James died about two years ago at this Brother Roderick’s.

The above was copied February 21, 1896, from the original manuscript now in the possession of Mary Watson Moderwell of Chicago, Illinois, was present at the time of its dictation, and remember the circumstances very well; it was during a visit of our aunt to us a few years after we moved to Fairmont.

Our Grand Father, James Green Watson, spoken of in the above moved from Charles Co. Md. to North West Virginia in 1803. After remaining near Morgantown for a few years he finally settled in White Day, Monongolia Co. Va. now W. Va., where he died in September 1834. The old home of my Grand Father was a short distance back of high cliffs opposite Smithtown. A part of the old house is still standing now (1896).


Mattie Dent Watson,

Fairmont, W.Va.

March 16, 1896

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1795 Last Will and Testament of James Watson

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Saint Mary’s County

State of Maryland

In the name of god, amen. I, James Watson of Sainte Mary’s County, in the State of Maryland, planter, being sick and infirm in body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, calling to mind the uncertainty of life, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament, in manner of form following, viz:


First and principally I recommend my soul unto the hands of almighty god, and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned.


Whereas I have given my two eldest sons Eleasee Watson and Agoriah Watson seventy pounds in real and personal property and to my other children (already married) towit: to Zachariah Watson, to James Green Watson, to Margaret Reeves, to Susannah Cooke and Muriel Brookbank ten pounds each in personal property, now it being my will and intention that the whole of my children, as well as those that are already married as thsoe that are unmarried, adn the children of such as are now, or may at my death be dead, should have an equal share of my estate including what I have already given as above mentioned. I give and bequeath to my sons Henry Watson and Joseph Watson, so long as each or either of them shall live single, a joint and equal interest with my three daughters Elizabeth Watson, Sarah Watson and Mary Watson during the natural life of each or either of my said daughters, in all the lands and tenements whereof I am presently possessed after the expiration of the natural life of my three single daughters above mentioned, my will and desire is that all my lands shall be sold and the money arising therefrom, divided among my children so that they all may have an equal part of my estate. Item. I will and desire that my executors shall pay a legacy of ten pounds each to Teporiah Watson , to Elizabeth Watson, to Sarah Watson and to Mary Watson immediately after my death. Lastly, I constitute and appoint my sons Henry Watson and Joseph Watson joint executors of this my last will and testament revoking all other will or will by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affed my seal this twenty sixth day of January, Anno Dom 1795.


Signed, sealed and acknowledged.


James Watson <seal> by James Watson, the testator in the presence of the following witnesses: Stephen Cawood, William Somerhill, John Watson


Proved 31th day of December, 1795

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