Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Sept 1823 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

White Day, Monogalia Co. Va.


From Warren D. Watson

Port Tobacco, Chas. C. Md. 

Sept 28, 1823


Dear James, 

Your favor or the 29th of July, came safely to hand on the 2nd of August. It gave me singular pleasure to hear from your, as I had not heard from you for some time. You recommended me to a news paper, which is very good, though they are troublesome to get as we are some distance from the metropolis of our County; you also advised me to our old code of Maryland laws, which I have, though I have never investigated them very diligently. You also advised me to attend our County Courts, which I have given very little attention to as yet. You also stated you wished to know who the people were partial to for President. The majority of the people appear to be partial to Adams. As to my own part I have nothing to say, as my age will not allow me a say. You also expressed a wish to know my favorite candidate to the Legislature. All (?) I assure you would so badly represent that I don’t know what men of the six that represent us to give the preference. They are as follows. Wm Millar… R. Garnir… J. Wems… J. Edelin, W. Dunnington and old Capt Rodgerson. 

You wish to know what female acquaintances I have laid up for you… As my choice might not be yours, I would recommend you to come in yourself, as I am convinced you would make a better choice for yourself than I could make for you, consequently you had better come and make your own choice as they are very handsome.

Crops of corn and tobacco are very fine wiht us, better than they have been for six years. Wheat is worth form $1.00 to $1.25. Corn is worth from $1.00 to $2.00 per barrel. You stated that your employment was similar to that of mine. While the females occupy a part fo your time, you stated you have no time to loose, as to getting a wife. It is an easy matter to get a woman, but a difficult one to get a good wife.

The people in this quarter have been very unhealthy this summer and fall. and a great many death, I am sorry to inform you of the death of Mrs. H. Wheeler, Mrs. Pye and M… Thom. We have all been sick this summer except myself. Pappy and the youngest child have been sick a long time. They both appear to be in a lingering way.

You expressed a wish to hear from Mr. Berry and family. Alfred (?) is going by water at present. He owns half of a small schooner. The old gentleman and family are still living at the same place.

Roderick is going to school at present. He boards at Mrs. Haislips. I was at Mr. Latimore Reaves(?) and Fannie (of Sammie) Loves. They were all well except Miss Martha Love, who was very sick. Sammy Love has got another wife and I think Miss Catherine is the handsomest woman in the county.

Perhaps I only think so, as I feel prepossed in favor of her. Adaline Watson is nearly grown and a remarkable handsome girl, beginning to think about a husband I expect. I have nothing more to add, except my respects to you and your father’s family, not forgetting Cousins Thomas and Henry and families, and tell Cousin Henry I think he and his lady have been very industrious.

Your most devoted and most affectionate relative,



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