Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Nov 1825 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

Monogalia Co. Near Morgantown Va.

From Warren D. Watson

Chas. Co. 

Port Toboacco, Md. 

Nov 17, 1825

Dear Cousin

I again resume my pen to inform you of my employment since xxxxxxxxI’ve been living with Mr. J.G. Chapman, who gives me $100 until Christmas, when my time will be up with him. I have some thought of visiting your section with a view of getting into business of some profit. I wish you to inform me immediately if there is any prospect of my getting a situation in that section worth my attention. By so doing you will duly appreciate a favor towards your friend and devoted cousin. I wrote you last winter as well as my memory serves me, by Mr. Thos Haymond, but have received no answer from you, which causes me to think that a hearing from this section, not worth your attention. I hope you will condescend to answer this request of mine. Mr. Fairfax informs us this last summer that you were all alive then, and I hope these few lines find you all in a like situation of health and happiness throughout this life. 

I regret to inform you that crops of corn are so short with us this season we shall be under the necessity of living under short allowance, I am xxxx Crops of wheat are not more than half what we had expected, and much injured by weather, so as to command not more than 50¢ per bu. Tobacco is the only xxxxity worth our attention at this time and the price of that declining. You may grasp that money is scare with us. We have been very sickly in this section this fall, and many deaths, My Father’s family has all been very sick but all restored to health except some of his Negroes, who I hope it will please Almight God to raise again. I am not certain I will visit you the season, if I do it will be after Christmas. Tell Cousin Mary I hope she is married… not I think it … time of she ever intends it… You advised me… is … sir, … not side with you there…

For my own part I think it not to be in too great a hurry. Though I am now engaged, but wish to get off it if I can on honorable terms, which I hope to do and not injure my reputation in that point of business. As so much nonsence might be disagreeable to an old bachelor, I shall conclude by adding my respects to your (?) Uncle James and family, not forgetting Thommy, Henry and Families. You will on reception of this, to write me without delay. 

I remain your devoted friend and relation.

Warren D. Watson


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