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June 1823 Letter Warren D Watson to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson

White Day, Monogalia Co. Va.


From Warren D. Watson

Port Tobacco, Chas. C. Md. 

June 2, 1823

Dear Cousin,

I expected before this to have had the superlative pleasure to have seen you, but do imagine that pleasure and business do so alternately occupy out time so closely, that you could not spare a leisure hour, to write to your friends and relatives here, much less to come and devote a few weeks or months amoungst your friends and relatives here. It is with reluctance that I have to inform you what I am doing at present… I am knocking the clods about in the corn field, and sometimes take up an old prayer book, history or novel and read a chapter or two, is the principle part of my employment. The scarcity of money makes business of all kinds dull at present, but I am in hopes there will be a change in the times before the expiration of the present year, as there is a probability of wheat bringing a good price though at present the crops are thin owing to the dry weather, and fly.

Corn is worth from four to five dollars per barrel: Tobacco depends upon the sample, the difference is from four to fifty dollars per hundred. The people in this quarter are going down hill as to their money matters. Negroes and property of all kinds are very low at present. There was not less than from 800 to 1000 negroes taken out of this county in the last twelve month. I was down in the neighborhood of Newport at Whitesuntide. The people were well and as merry as I ever saw them. The ladies are more numerous than ever they have been since I have been acquainted with that part of the county, and much handsomer than they ever were, indeed so much so that I almost fell anamored to some of them myself.

You had better come in this fall, if you ever think of getting a wife, I am sure you may select one out of so many, for I do not believe they are very hard to please. Tell Cousin Mary that she had better come to Charles County, and may never or expecting those old fashioned people, she will get so old that she may never expect to get married.

Poppy received a letter from Uncle James Watson, which informed us that they were all well, and Cousin Henry and Thomas families also, but said nothing about you, whether you weredead or what had become of you. I would be glad to know. Give my compliments to Uncle James and family, and to Cousins Henry and Thomas. Pappy and family present their love to you all. I hope you will excuse bad writing and dicating as I am a bad hand. If you will be so kind as to write me what you are doing, I shall be glad. 

P.S. Roderick is going to school. He wishes to be remembered to you all.

Yours with Friendship. Warren D Watson

There is many mistakes. I hope you will look over them.


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