Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Feb 1825 Wm Haymond to James D Watson

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To Mr. James D. Watson, Esq

Near Smithfield, Monogalia Co. Va.

From Wm Haymond

Winchester, Va

Feb. 4th 1825

Dear Sir,

You no doubt have been informed of my departure from the West but probably you have not been told that I am commodiously (?) situated in Winchester, and that I intend to remain here until I fall, and I should not be surprised if Winchester should have a lein on me even in my old age, from the number of fine young ladies that reside in this place. If you are free from engagement with the fair sex, I entreat you to visit this country before you arrive at that miserable period of life, when men become luke warm about joining in the holy bonds of matrimony. Don’t delay. I assure you the bud is now expanding that will bring you to that awful crisis. Will you let it defy the laws of Nature and countermand the voice of Heaven? I hope you will not. Enough! I am well pleased with Judge Tucker’s Institution and feel confident that one day I will be compensated for my labours as well as for the money I have had to loan, with no other surity save my own industry. and what more can I ask, If I cannot trust myself, who can I? 

The people in Frederick are quite warm about the Presidential Election. There is a number of them about starting (?) to the city. The men of note here was in favor  of Crawford, the rabble, for Jackson, but the former have joined the latter and they are all shouting Hurrah for Jackson! Is that not friendship and equality? I answer in the affirmative. 

But what is my feeling when I see the foremost men in the nation, shouting with the off casts of creation. I hope the people will not act thus in Monongalia.

Give my respects to your family. Yours & 

Wm C. Haymond


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