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Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Elizabeth Kersleys and some Indians in Chaptico, Maryland

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Assembly Proceedings, May 10-June 9, 1692. 259

Elizabeth Kersleys relation of her usage by some Indians unknown to her the said Elizabeth who was going from her father in Charles Carters house to William Watsons with her Child in her Arms, the house being half a Mile distant about midway betwixt the said Charles Carters and said Watsons, the above Indians Starting out of the Lapp of a fallen Tree where they lay hid rushed upon her, tore her Child out of her Arms, gave her three knocks upon the head flead the Skin of her head gave her eight wounds in her body Stript her naked and left her for Dead, this Relation was given to me by the above named Elizabeth on Wednesday being the 27th of April 1692 John Addison.

There was found by Captain Richard Brightwell and his Men a Mare Belonging to Richard Thompson with an Indian Arrow Shot into her heart and dead near Charles Carters house about three days after the date above which is Supposed to be done by the said Indians. There was a Stick painted with Severall Men and Women upon it and another like an Indian Arrow Stuck in the Path near where this thing was Acted upon the above Elizabeth Kersley. Coll Blackistone declares that much about the time the above Mischief was done there was seen upon Clements Island a Choptico Indian named Tom; with Bow and arrows and in a Day or two after a young Mare of the said Blackistons was found there shott with an Arrow into the Kidneys whereupon he sent to the King of Chaptico and acquainted him with what was done, and plainly charged the said Indian Tom with the fact which was so home and so many pregnant Circumstances relating thereunto in a manner proving the same the Indian himself did not well know how to withstand it but after some Pausing the King and his great Men together with the said Indian himself promised to make Satisfaction, But neither the said Indian nor any other of them ever yet came to make Good the Same, and Soon after that the said Blackiston had another Mare killed, also some Sheep killed with Arrows and some taken away to the number of Seven or Eight in all, Coll Blackiston produced a paper Containing the Information of one Jeoffrey Lile a Mallota as follows Vizt

260 Assembly Proceedings, May 10-June 9, 1692. The Deposition of Jeoffrey the Mallota 1 May 1692. That on Friday last about 3 or 4 a Clock in the afternoon as (I was weeding of Corn) I heard a Gun go off on the South Side of the Island upon which I saw the Cattle running to and fro, I went to see what might the Occasion be, and coming towards the sound of the Gun, I saw three Indians and went to them, and asked them what Business they had there, and they Answered me what is that to you, I told them it was to me, and then asked whether Blackistone was at home, I told them yes, and they Answered me you Lye, then I asked them what do you give an Englishman the Lye; then said I was a Servant, then they asked for the Man of the house, so I answered he was at the further end of the Island, and was a Coming and they said they did not care, and then they Laughed one upon the other, and then they asked me where the Corn was I told them I had no Corn, and they said they must have Corn, And I told them they should not, and then I asked them where they Lived, they answered that they lived in Virginia, then I went presently to the house and one of them followed me and asked again where the Corn was, and I told him he should not have a bit of Corn there so he bid me kiss his —— So I took the Musquet and told him if he would not be gone I would Shoot him, and told him if he would not make haste the Bitch would tear him down, with that he went away as fast as he could to the other Indians, and then I went down to them with my Muskett and told them, if they would not be gone the Man of the house would thrash them and they Answered they did not Care, all the three Indians were Naked on the Upper parts, and also Painted in a Warlike manner, and yesterday being Saturday a little before Night finding a young Mare which at last was found Dead and this Day opening of her there was found eight Shot holes in the Body of her this the Deponent is ready to Testify upon Oath as witness

my hand his mark_Jeoffrey x Leils

Was also produced a Letter from Doctor Hall of Charles County Employed looking after and curing the wounds of the said Elizabeth Kersley giving an Account of her Condition which Importing also his Demands and Charge thereof and praying an Allowance from the Publick, was transmitted to the Committee of Accounts for their Inspection and Examination Came Dr John Brooke Mr Edward Pindar and Mr Jacob Saunders from the house together with the Clerk of that house who they desire may have Administred to him the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy Appointed by Act of Parliament as also the Oath of Clerk of the house Obliging him to keep the Secrets of the house and keep fair Record of their proceedings which were all accordingly Administred unto him and they Dismissed with the desire of this Board to get the leave of the house for Major James Smallwood one of their members to come and Attend this Board in Order to discourse the Indians waiting for an Audience Proceeds to consider of the Method and Manner of discoursing & Treating with the Emperor of Pisscattaway and other the Indians now Attending Resolved that the Emperorof Piscattoway be first Called in and made acquainted with His Excellencys Inclination and design to renew and keep Peace and Amity with him & all Other Our Neighbouring and friend Indians according to the former Usage and Custom and practice of the Government of this Province, and that fit and Necessary Articles & Proposalls will be prepared and Drawn up for the better and more firm Establishment thereof, but_first to let him know that there has been lately some Injury_and Violence done and Offered to the Inhabitants by some_Indians, which by the best Information We have and other pregnant Circumstances, it is Shrewdly to be Suspected to have been done by him or some other of Our Neighbouring Indians not unknown to him or his Indians and therefore it is Expected he will use his Endeavour to find out and discover the same whereby the Actors may be brought to Condign Punishment or Satisfaction made for the Same, as the Case may require after the Emperor shall have been discoursed in manner aforesaid and given Answer to such other Interrogatorys as shall be proposed unto him by the Board, then to advise him that this Board desire to Examine some other of his Indians apart by themselves concerng the Premisses, to which (it is Expected) he will Consent but whether he do or not resolved that after the said Emperor shall have done, some one or two of the Council do accompany him to some other Private Room and there Entertain him untill such time as the rest of the Indians shall be called in and Examined as aforesaid A Message from the house by Mr James Smallwood in writing as follows Vizt

(I believe these are the original Watsons to Maryland… they lived in Chaptico,  St Mary’s County) NOTE: 1, 878 parcel of land called Partnershipp in St. Mary’s Co. originally surveyed_25 Jul 1694 for William Watson and Thomas Love near Edward Barbers land. It was again surveyed 13 Dec 1697 for Maj. Nicholas Sewell of Calvert Co. MD.



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  1. grandfather george watson,grandma not name known.eva watson[aunt]hubert watson[uncle][deceased]gordon watson&winnie watson[uncle&aunt]marilyn,watson[gould][cousin]eileen watson[thelin][cousin]jean watson[niederkircher][cousin]mother claudia watson[mulcaster][clayton]if anyone has info on family line please contact me.

    gordon mulcaster

    February 26, 2009 at 4:49 pm

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