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Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

(A letter to my grandfather’s Uncle James Otis Watson from Watson cousins in Fairmont W Va)

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Fairmont W. Va., October 31, 1937

J. Otis Watson, 3839 Twenty Ninth Street, Mount Ranier,  Md.

My Dear Mr. Watson

My husband, James Otis Watson, some time ago gave me your letter of inquiry concerning  the family history and the coat of arms of the Watson family. I have delayed answering it,  until I could have typed the enclosed letter dictated by my husbands great great aunt Mary Green Watson. This letter gives the family connection, back as far as I have been able to trace it. The will of James Watson, (wife Mary Green) father of James Green Watson, is found in the Leonardtown Courthouse, Charles County, Md. The home was at Port Tobacco I believe. I have copies of letters written from there and other near places by sons of Joseph Watson, also by friends or relatives.

Fowkes and Wheelers – and from Zephaniah Watson from Kentucky. I am most eager to trace the family connections as far back as possible and am particularly interested in your statement that you have always heard that you are related to the Dents – Gen. Green, Gen. Otis and General Mitchell.

The West Virginia branch of the Watson’s have always preserved the name Dent – although none now living know from whence it came — do you? There is a tradition that Mary Green, wife of James Watson, was the daughter of Nathaniel Green. I find Nathaniel Green, General in the Revolutionary war was from New Hampshire and fought at Crown Point and Ticonderoga. I have never heard of the connection with the Otis family. The only James Otis (Watson) of which I have heard prior to my husbands, grantfather, was James Otis a Revolutionary Hero of Massachusetts. I had always supposed James Otis Watson was named for this hero, because of admiration, adn did not know of a possible relationship with the family Otis – from who were you named?

Are the Gen. Green and Gen. Otis, of whom you speak of in your letter from Maryland or Virginia, I am most eager to learn what you can tell me – Are there any other members of your family living, however far removed in relationship that might possibly give us information of that famiy coat of arms of which you speak or family history. This Media Research Bureau has nothing of value to give us. We bought a copy of the Manuscript it deals almost entirely with the New England Watsons in a very general way.

Please tell me if you can, what relationship you bear to James Watson and his sons and girls in this letter of Mary Green Watson and any family traditions you can recall. Where was your fathers’ home?


Very Sincerely 

Ella B.B. Watson


WATSON April, 1859

Items of family history as related to me (Fanny R. Watson) by my maiden aunt, Mary Green Watson.

“Your Grand Father Watson’s name was James Green. He was the son of James and Mary Watson, formerly Mary Green of St. Mary’s County, Md. Your Grandfather married Ann Swann, widow of Henry Swann, and daughter of John and Lydia Dyson. your Grand Mother had one son, John Swan and one daughter Ann Swann, when she married your Grand Father. The son moved to Missouri, and died there, leaving a family, of which we know very little. The daughter married a Mr. Maddox, and lived in Maryland.

Your Grand Father had six brothers and six sisters. His brothers names were: Eliezer, Zacharia, Azariah, Zephaniah, Henry and Joseph.

His sisters were: Elizabeth, Susan, Margaret, Sarah, Mary and Milla.

Elizabeth married Mr. Mattingly and went to Washington Co. Ky. Margaret married Mr. Reeves, and went to North Carolina. Sarah never married. Susan married Robert Cook, but I have forgotten where they lived. (North Carolina). Mary married Hezekiah Burrows, and went to Burbon Co. Ky. Milla married Abraham Brookbank, and went to Ohio.

Eleazer went to Kentucky. Zachariah went to Culpepper Co. Va. where he lived and died.

Azariah went to Kentucky.

Zephaniah went to Mason Co. Kentucky.

Henry and Joseph lived and died in Charles Co. Md.


We know nothing of any of their families except Joseph’s. He had four children. Warren, Roderick, John James and Anna Mariah. 

Warren is still somewhere on the Potomac in Va. 

Roderick lives in Charles Co. Maryland. (my ancestor)

Anna Mariah married Mr. Wheeler, and lives in Charles Co. Md.

John James died about two years ago at this Brother Roderick’s.

The above was copied February 21, 1896, from the original manuscript now in the possession of Mary Watson Moderwell of Chicago, Illinois, was present at the time of its dictation, and remember the circumstances very well; it was during a visit of our aunt to us a few years after we moved to Fairmont.

Our Grand Father, James Green Watson, spoken of in the above moved from Charles Co. Md. to North West Virginia in 1803. After remaining near Morgantown for a few years he finally settled in White Day, Monongolia Co. Va. now W. Va., where he died in September 1834. The old home of my Grand Father was a short distance back of high cliffs opposite Smithtown. A part of the old house is still standing now (1896).


Mattie Dent Watson,

Fairmont, W.Va.

March 16, 1896


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  1. I am interested in James and Mary Green Watson, father and mother of Susan Watson and wife of Robert F. Cooke my GT. GT. GT. GT. Great Father and Mother.
    I have much infornation concerning Susan and Robert after they left Md. and Va. I would like to know more about Susan and her family history. I am willing to send the movements of Susan’s offspring if anyone is interested. Thanks
    Eddy Cooke, Atoka, OKlahoma

    Eddy Cooke

    February 9, 2009 at 2:54 am

  2. no further comment

    Eddy Cooke

    February 9, 2009 at 2:55 am

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