Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

Mary Augusta Watson

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These passages are from Jone’s Book. Page 22

“I was released from the Old Capitol in March, 1862, by the general jail delivery ordered by congress at that time.” 

“During my imprisonment, my old and esteemed friend, Major Watson, died.” 

Page 27 of Thomas Jones book

“… black signal was hung in a certain one of the high dormer-windows of Major Watson’s house. The person who attended to this signal was Miss Mary Watson.”

“Miss Watson was a remarkably pretty young lady, twenty-three or twenty-four years of age. She had a mass of black hair, dark eyes shaded by long lashes that made them appear even darker. Her carriage was erect, and figure slender, which made her appear a little above the average height.” 

“She loved the Confederacy with an ardor so intense that I believe, for its sake, she would have made almost any sacrifice. I know that I owe, in a great measure, the successful management of the Confederate mail to her ceaseless vigilance and untiring zeal.”

“About the close of the war she married a Dr. Carvell, a blockade runner, and went with him to California.”

“I do not know whether she will ever read these lines, but if she should, I would have her know that my old heart grows warm, and my dim eyes dimmer when I think of her in her youth and beauty tirelessly laboring by my side in the cause we both fondly loved.”

further on… (on Dr. Dent)

“Some one in the neighborhood of Pope’s Creek was always sick. Scarely a day passed that some member of the Watson Family or mine did not need Dr. Dent. He came and went unquestioned and unsuspected.”


Cliffton was burned by Union forces during the War. Major Watson’s wife Ann Perry Watson took her many children to another property they owned over in Westmoreland Co, VA. They never moved back to Maryland. My ancestor was the oldest son Roderick Dhu Watson. He was already married and owned property in Great Mills, St. Marys Co, Maryland and was also involved with the Confederate Secret Service.

Pop (Dave Watson Sr) also told me that RD Watson was taking a message through Zachiah Swamp and was being chased… or thought he was being chased. He ate those messages he was carrying.


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