Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

1808 Letter Zeph Watson to James G Watson

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Mr. James G. Watson

Maryland, Charles Co, V Post


xxxx County Vicinity of

Washington, 27th January 1804


Dr Br

I wrote to you last fall probably in October but have not rec. an answ from you, although I xxxx the xxxx. The one I wrote you was in answer to your’s of the 5th of July last, and was handed to me by sister Mattingly, who was at my house in October, which xxxx might probably have miscarried, as I do not think our xxxx Master in Washington over attentive to business. There was since that time been a stir in our Country concering the Fort of New Orleans, and men rais’d and held in readiness to March, and take it by storm. Provided the Spanards did not give it up. However the storm has blown over, and we have once and plenty in our land, with thte right of sail and freer Navigation at the Mouth of the Mississippi — Tis now that I could invite you as a friend and brother to come and cast your lot amoung us and enjoy a soil, the sight of which would gladden the heart, together with a wholesome air to breath, and a free outlet for all you can raise to spare. Already do the Kentuckyans begin to feel the benefit of the Mouth of the River being free, for our markets are considerably livelier then since I have been an inhabitant of this Country. How permanent it my prove only time will discover. I feel myself xxxx to xxx for better times then we have had, as I am pretty well sour’d, and xxx weak-handed and strong xxxxx, for I ahv enot less than three score and ten mouths to supply with food, and ten of them to apparel, while five only xxxx thier hands to the minestration.

Freight has been taken at Limestone for Natches as low as 4/6 p 100 this season, xxx may, I think, xxx still 1 xxx. I suppose that you have provided yourself for the present year and do not intend moving to any foreign places but should it be otherwise, I should be glad you would come to Knetucky. I think the last time I saw you, you seemed to have the Notion of the State of Georgia, but I would wish you to discard the idea of that Country, as I think the Climate too southerly for your constitution, and from good authority I am led to believe that the soil is by no means inviting. I lately conversed with two gentlemen of respectability, who had been to Georgia to visit their relative, who tell me that is xxx soil mostly, except the river bottoms are very poor.


My family, I bless God, is in tolerable health, except myself am troubled with a soreness in my Breast, which sometimes a little alarms me – and wishing health and prosperity to you and yours, with mine and wifes best love and respects to you, to Mrs. Watson and Children all, remain your affectionate Brother

Zepha Watson




Mr. James G. Watson

White Day Creek Monongalia County Virginia v post to Morgantown


Kentucky Mason County Lee’s Creek

21 Aust 1808


Dear Brother

I have once more taken up my pen, with an intent to address you on the score of brotherly love – and to inform you that I have not read, a xxx from you since the arrival of Mr. Abrm Brookbank and family.


After long rest from xxxx labor, I feel unwilling to grasp the laboring tools and after long silence I feel backward to speak – So, in like manner, when my pen has been long lying by, I experience a kind of torpidity in my hands and stupor in my intellect, then when would xxxx I feel at a lost for matter, and therefore I know not how to begin. However since Grammarians inform us that letter rightly put together form syllables, syllables words and words properly connected…(this ends here)


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