Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA


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April 16, 1846 / Letters at the Port Tobacco post office John Watson 

Jan 1, 1846 / Joseph Watson estate probated,  Roderick Watson and Stanislaus Farrall, admrs. 

Joseph Watson’s heirs sell “Aberdeen” 308 acres adjoins land of John A. Pye, Henry S. Mitchell, and Stanislaus Farrall. 


May 13, 1847 Court of Equity Thomas Perry et al vs Roderick G. Watson and wife Ann Perry adm of Thomas Perry vs John Sutherland, Wm Sutherland and others. 

February 24, 1848 / Petit Jurors Roderick G. Watson one of twenty-four. 

April 6, 1848 /  Letters left in the Port Tobacco post office R.G. Watson 

Feb 27, 1850 / New packet schooner, Ada, now on permanent route between King George, Virginia and Charles County, Md to Baltimore. R.G. Watson, Charles Co. 

April 9, 1851 / R.G. Watson caught a 1 1/2 pound herring. It measured 15 3/4”, 9” circumference at his fishery on Goose Bay. 

July 17, 1850 / Grand Jurors Roderick G. Watson one of many 

Sept 25, 1850 / Charles County Agricultural Society 3rd Annual Exhibition Committees Agricultural Implements- Third Committee Roderick G. Watson, Charles Wills, Samuel Swann 

Jan 1, 1851/ Roderick G. Watson reports runaway, George Monroe. Has relations at Mrs. Mary Amery’s near Newport. 

July 23, 1851 / Grand Jurors Roderick G. Watson one of many 

Sept 8, 1852 / Committee of Award – Charles County Agricultural Society. Products of the Garden – Peregrine Davis, Samuel Swann, Roderick G. Watson, George W. Berry, Leonard Farrall. 

Sept 29, 1852 / Charles County Jockey Club Officers elected – President – Roderick Watson  – Vice Presidents – Peregrine Davis and Joseph I. Wills 

Nov 5, 1851 / Races over Farrall’s course, near this village $100 purse – F.H. Edelin’s “Christian Knight,” Judge Digges’ “Beelzebub” R Watson’s “Frank Thompson”, Edward S.T. Maddox’s “Fanny Elser” and Mr. Nubey’s horse competed. “Fanny Elser” won. 

July 28, 1853 / Democratic Convention F.B.F Burgess was elected president; R.T. Tubman and R.G. Watson were elected vice presidents. 

Oct 27, 1853 / 6th Annual Agricultural Exhibition Committee of Award Potatoes and Turnips – Francis H. Digges, Samuel Swann, R.G. Watson. 

Nov 3, 1853 / Election Results  County Commissioners – JT Mudd (Whig), Edmund Perry (D), R.G. Watson (D) 

Sept 21, 1854 / County Commissioners R.G. Watson, Edmund Perry, and J.T. Mudd note dereliction of duty on part of road supervisors. 

Oct 26, 1854 / Charles County Agricultural Society Committees of Award Oats and Corn – Francis H. Digges, R.G. Watson, Samuel Swann, H.W. Goodrick. 

Dec 7, 1854 / Petit Jurors Roderick G. Watson one of many. 

Oct 27, 1853 / Whig Candidates for Nov. 2 election County Commissioners – R.G. Watson and Edmund Perry 


Charles County races, over Farrall’s course, near Port Tobacco. 2nd day, 4 entries – Col. Watson’s Frank Thompson; Mr. Maddox’s Lady Eudora; Mr. Nubey’s Lilly Dale; Col. Thompson’s Wacousta. Purse $100, 1 mile and repeat – Lady Eudora the winner. 


Oct 4, 1855 / Candidates for Office County Commissioners, Roderick G. Watson, Jeremiah T. Mudd and Edmund Perry (Incumbants) 


Nov 8th, 1855 / Agricultural Exhibition Committees of Award Sheep – Roderick G. Watson, Leo Willis, Jeremiah Dyer, Dr. Edward H. Edelin, Samuel T. Swann. 


Dec 6, 1855 / County Commissioners met and elected officers – Major R.G. Watson, president; R.E. Bateman, clerk, and James Adams, Bailiff. 


May 29th 1856 / Commissioners will sell at Benedict all warehouse property in said village, belonging to county – warehouse, scales, weights etc. R.G. Watson, Edmund Perry, J.T. Mudd, D. Middleton, George S. Willett. Sale brought $1400.00. 

June 11, 1857 / Democratic meeting 2nd Election District – Allen’s Fresh – R.G. Watson was appointed one of five people to select 20 delegates to the County Convention in Port Tobacco. 

Nov 10, 1857 / Agricultural Society Fair Products of the Garden. J.H. Stonestreet, Thomas S. Martin, William T. Campbell, R.G. Watson. 

Nov 19th, 1857 / The 10th Annual Agricultural Fair was held in Port Tobacco. The following prizes were awarded. Mrs. R.G. Watson – best candles 

Dec 17, 1857 / Isaiah Posey, Esq. Died at his residence “Locust Green” in William and Mary Parish, 5th inst. “He will long be remembered and deplored by all who knew and loved him” 

Jan 21, 1858 / Donnelly and Posey ask all persons indebted to them for blacksmith’s work to close their accounts. Isaiah Posey, deceased, personal property sold – Hopse C. Posey and Thomas Harris, exs. 


December 10, 1857 / Grand Jury – Charles H. Wills, Foreman Roderick G. Watson one of twenty-two grand jurors. 


June 10, 1858 / John J. Watson died at the residence of his brother R.G. Watson, Esq., of “Cliffton” 30th ult. 37 years old “the subject of this tribute was most truly an excellent specimen of modest and unobtrusive virtue and worth…” 


August 5, 1858 / John J. Watson, deceased, estate probated – Ann Maria Wheeler, Edward R. Wheeler, exs. 

Nov 1, 1860 / Charles Co. Agricultural Society Counterpanes and Quilts – W.A. Posey, Henry S. Dent, H.S. Mitchell, R.G. Watson, Thomas Gardiner, T.A. Smith, Richard Edelin. 

Feb 21, 1861 / J.F.S Middleton sell for taxes land assessed in names of Joseph Watson and Hileray Watson, 125 acres “Part Compton’s Purchase”. 2nd Election District. 

Jan 2, 1862 / Roderick G. Watson died at “Cliffton” his late residence 8 November. 56 years old “he was a man of most kindly, generous, affable disposition… kind husband, father and master.” 


April 10, 1862 / John J. Watson, deceased, Exs Ann M. Wheeler and Edwin R. Wheeler ask all indebted to deceased to file claims. 


June 5, 1862  Ann Watson and Frederick Stone – Ads for Roderick G. Watson, deceased 


May 28th, 1868 / Dr. John Carvell of New Brunswick marries Mary Augusta, daughter of the late R.G. Watson, Esq. At the residence of the bride’s uncle in Alexandria, Virginia by the Rev. George H. Norton. 

(By 1870 Mary August Carvel is listed as living in Sonoma Co. CA but was visiting Westmoreland Co. VA in 1880 where her brothers and sisters still lived on the same farm)


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