Watson of Maryland USA

Looking for Watson descendants from Chaptico, St Marys County, Maryland USA

1795 Last Will and Testament of James Watson

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Saint Mary’s County

State of Maryland

In the name of god, amen. I, James Watson of Sainte Mary’s County, in the State of Maryland, planter, being sick and infirm in body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, calling to mind the uncertainty of life, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament, in manner of form following, viz:


First and principally I recommend my soul unto the hands of almighty god, and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned.


Whereas I have given my two eldest sons Eleasee Watson and Agoriah Watson seventy pounds in real and personal property and to my other children (already married) towit: to Zachariah Watson, to James Green Watson, to Margaret Reeves, to Susannah Cooke and Muriel Brookbank ten pounds each in personal property, now it being my will and intention that the whole of my children, as well as those that are already married as thsoe that are unmarried, adn the children of such as are now, or may at my death be dead, should have an equal share of my estate including what I have already given as above mentioned. I give and bequeath to my sons Henry Watson and Joseph Watson, so long as each or either of them shall live single, a joint and equal interest with my three daughters Elizabeth Watson, Sarah Watson and Mary Watson during the natural life of each or either of my said daughters, in all the lands and tenements whereof I am presently possessed after the expiration of the natural life of my three single daughters above mentioned, my will and desire is that all my lands shall be sold and the money arising therefrom, divided among my children so that they all may have an equal part of my estate. Item. I will and desire that my executors shall pay a legacy of ten pounds each to Teporiah Watson , to Elizabeth Watson, to Sarah Watson and to Mary Watson immediately after my death. Lastly, I constitute and appoint my sons Henry Watson and Joseph Watson joint executors of this my last will and testament revoking all other will or will by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affed my seal this twenty sixth day of January, Anno Dom 1795.


Signed, sealed and acknowledged.


James Watson <seal> by James Watson, the testator in the presence of the following witnesses: Stephen Cawood, William Somerhill, John Watson


Proved 31th day of December, 1795


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